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is being cooperative and is denying any involvement. he has d or charged. >>> ken bastida is in boston tonight. he arrived late tonight. he is in the downtown area. ken, we're just wondering what your first impressions were. >> reporter: hi, allen. we're in the downtown area right now. it's amazingly quiet, almost like a ghost town, except for the occasional police car going by. there is no traffic. most of this area of the city is closed off right now. and it will remain closed because it is, as you guys know, an active crime scene. now, when we left san francisco, we weren't sure that we were going to be able to get into boston, because they were telling us that there was a ground hold on many of the aircraft that were coming into the area while they checked out security at logan airport. well, we were able to get off, and we did get into boston without any problem. airport security is out there, but it is not overwhelming at this hour, as you can imagine, there aren't too many flights coming in right now. the real story is the downtown
'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> ken, obviously, security tight there in boston. but tomorrow the president comes to town. have you seen any signs that it's tightening up because of that? >> reporter: you know, the only thing we saw today was just a reluctance by, you know, federal investigators to really talk much about who this guy is or what he was doing and exactly, you know, what they know about the case. as far as the president's visit, they haven't had too much advance information coming from the feds or from investigators about that. and certainly, you know, security here is tight enough for everybody. anybody including the president of the united states. >> they will keep details to themselves. ken bastida, thanks. >>> kpix 5's ann notarangelo shows us how a community is rallying behind a bay area's sixth grader injured in the boston attack. ann. >> reporter: and juliette, mountain mike's is one of just a handful of restaurants and businesses in martinez holding fundraisers for aaron hern's family. the hern family is very well known in this area. they have done a lot for the com
was accomplished today above the the mojave desert. ,,,,,,,,,, message to criminals: stay . mobile 5's ken bastida is le from the wanut creek bart station to tell us about thw safety measures designed to protect riders. . >>> b.a.r.t. is trying to send a message to criminals, stay away. >> and the new safety measures designed to protect riders. >> reporter: if you've been on b.a.r.t., and if for any long period of time, chances are you had one of those incidents where you see somebody weird get on or a troublemaker comes into the station or, you know, somebody hassles a station agent. b.a.r.t. police in the wake of the boston bombings have new safety measures that they want to employ. the first is is these little video cameras that the officers will begin wearing. several of them have been wearing them for a year now and they seem to have worked out pretty well. they claim people behave differently, they usually do what they're told when they know they're being video taped and the other thing they want to do, passengers who do cause trouble, they want to be able to ban them for o 30 days up -- for
. >> and our own ken bastida is in boston where it all happened yesterday and what's the latest, what can you tell us. >> reporter: yeah, hi frank, e elizabeth, you know, the investigation as randall pinkston pointed out is still continuing and it will take a while to get to the bottom of what happened out here. in the meantime, boylston street where they ran the marathon 24 hours ago is still closed off at arlington, they don't allow anybody back in there. that is the crime scene. of course there is a international race, the boston marathon, and people all over the world including our own bay area. we spoke to one of those guys today. >>> last night a surreal scene on the streets of boston as national guard troops move in to parole the downtown area. in the wake of yesterday's devastating explosions. the city is still full of marathon participants, many like alamo's stan rollen were getting ready to head back to the bay area. >> there's no way to describe it. it's horrific. i just crossed the finish line about 7 or 8 minutes before the blast, so it w
'm ken bastida. >> i covered the oklahoma city bombing and i know immediately that shrine as we see behind you is set up. is there talk of a permanent memorial at that location yet? >> reporter: yeah, at this point, no. we haven't heard that yet. there is a very large vigil possibly for this evening that will be conducted. we're not sure about that. we're checking on it. no. as far as a memorial we haven't heard that. >> ken bastida in boston, thank you. >>> the 12-year-old boy injured in the attack won't be coming home for another week. aaron hurn's family says he is hospitalized in intensive care. he's due for more surgery tomorrow. the boy was hit in the leg when he was cheering on his mom running the race. >>> we are learning more about the people we saw in those unforgetful pictures we all saw yesterday. one of the images a man with bloodied limbs being wheeled away from the blast site. that man jeff bowman jr. survived but remains in the hospital. doctors had to amputate both legs because of bone damage. his family said he was there cheering on his girlfriend. >>> another icon
they tried to run from their own rotten reputation. >> reporter: i'm ken bastida with mobile5. solar power taken to new heights. we'll show you an amazing aircraft that is touring the bay area when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, video... released by the bey hills police this afternoon. >>> all right. check out this wild road rage video released by the beverly hills police this afternoon. you see that white bmw pulled down the alley going after the bicyclist hit the man, pins him against that big metal trash bin. investigators say the bicyclist was hurt but he is going to be okay. they say the whole incident started a couple of blocks away when the bicyclist actually punched the driver of the car first. police looking for that driver. >>> a search is on for the owners of a san jose-based moving company and three employees. they are accused of ripping off up to thousands of customers over the past few years. it's one of the worst cases of moving company fraud ever seen here in the bay area. >>> reporter: ronnie and his wife are on the move and the d.a. thinks they may be in israel. the pair are
being ripputground. ken bastida is outside the embarcadero where workers are digging up history. >> reporter: 1991 then mayor art agnos decided to tear down the embarcadero freeway after it was damaged in 1989 in loma prieta. he called it the greatest thing he ever did as mayor of san francisco. these are the last remnants of the on-ramp that used to go up on the embarcadero freeway. we have video from the '70s to show you that. if we were standing here today we would be run over by cars on the freeway, the 1.2-mile embarcadero freeway was built in 1953 originally to connect the bay bridge with the golden gate bridge. of course, that northern spur was never built. and a lot of people didn't like the old freeway. they called it ugly. the man taking out these last few remnants says he remembers it. the bay bridge? >> i remember living in san francisco and using it to go to the east bay. so it was a big green spot with all the concrete under it. >> reporter: what did you think it? >> i liked it fo convenience. i didn't like it for the view. >> reporter: it was ugly? >> it was ugly
know what happened in 1989. its fate was decided in a few minutes. i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >>> it's exactly the kind of trend you don't want in your neighborhood. the bay area community seeing an explosion of burglaries and who police think is responsible. >> these chemicals impact brain development and reproductive organ development. >> you try to protect your children from toxic products. but it isn't always easy. why california's own safety standards may not be the best guidelines for parents. >> at the top of the newscast we were talking about fire danger. there is no rainfall in the forecast for the weekend but things are changing dramatically as high pressure builds back in. we'll keep the sunshine but wait until you see where the temperatures are heading. think 90s. the forecast next. >> and you can't say you have nothing to do on this friday night. big-time basketball about to unfold in oakland. we're live at oracle arena ahead of game 3. ,,,,,, struck a deal with the cityn pension reform >>> they don't like it but the san jose police officers union has struck a deal with
delays or cancellations. kpix 5's ken bastida is live with mobile5 at sfo to explain the faa furloughs triggered by budget cuts. >> reporter: yeah, juliette. this thing has been threatened for the past several weeks now. the faa over the weekend going ahead and instituting the sequestration cutbacks. essentially, this means about a 10% reduction for all the faa controllers around the country. so we checked with the airport duty manager at sfo,. he says no significant cancellations or delays in the bay area but they had problems at los angeles international airport yesterday. of course, that was the first day that the sequestration cutbacks went in and they were experiencing two-hour delays. so what does this mean? we talked to mario ianello who flies lot between l.a. and san francisco. is otr inconvenience for travelers. >> are you worried about any of this sequestration might cancel or delay one of your flights? >> not really. well, i'm more concerned about with the way the airline industry has been now -- i think they -- they have, uhm, made their flights either so full and cut bac
piece together the evidence. kpix 5's ken bastida joins us live from boston. >> reporter: how are you doing, allen? we are at the westin hotel where, as you heard from vinita nair, the third news conference has been canceled now. the room was full of reporters from not only here in the u.s. but all around the world. no new information tonight, in terms of what the federal investigators are telling us. meanwhile, the main story is still back out on the street where boston police have had a heck of a week by any standard. but they haven't had to go it alone. >>> reporter: the security response to the blasts monday were almost instantaneous. police, fire, national guard, all descending on boston within minutes. in the ensuing days, police have come in from all over the country, guys like new york city police officer vinnie zapola, just to help out on his day off. >> i'm sure they're tired. you know, i said to one of the guys this morning, i said, you know, at the end of your 12 when you go home, you'll be stressed out but give your loved ones a hug. that helps. >> reporter: he and his p
. >> yes. >> thank you. >>> i'm ken bastida in mobile5. it can run by the power of the sun. and it's flying over the bay area right now. we'll have a live report. >> what a biologist hopes to learn about nature by scaling to the top of this bay area building. >> and kpix 5 is the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony. we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. ,,,,,,,,,,,, (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit of a kind aircraft touring e bay area. ken. 3:27 " the same time protect >>> ken bastida is live with mobile5 in sausalito to tell us about a one of kind aircraft touring the bay area. ken, this one is special. >> reporter: yeah, this one is really different, juliette. it was here over sausalito about 10, 15 minutes ago. it's moved down past alcatraz and the san francisco skyline. they are probably going to put it to bed here as the wind starts picking up. we're talki
in the mid- 70s inland and low 70s around the bay. there's your weather. enjoy it. >>> i'm ken bastida near sfo. take office and landings, well, pretty much on schedule today. but sequestration has taken effect. we'll see if that's going to affect your next flight. >> it's getting tougher to get one of these. where the plastic ba ban pa in the bay area to and we ask why some cities still haven't banned them yet. >> kpix 5 the official television station for the bay bridge opening ceremony and we are counting down the days until the new eastern span opens in september. we'll keep you posted on planning for the big day. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 00:01:54-00:02:14 "(ken: wod se el your fli >>> mobile5 ken bastida at sfo tonight explaining why air travelers may need to pack their patience. usually we only hear that in the winter, ken. >> reporter: we're here near the runways watching take-offs and landings this afternoon. according to the duty manager at sfo, everything is pretty much according to schedule today. not too many delays or cancellations. that was not the case, though, at l.a.x. where ther
the difference between free parking and a ticket. good evening i'm alyssa cook. >> i'm allen martin. ken bastida has the night off. what was this guy thinking? well cops tell us he was all drugged out when he rammed his olds mobile into the wal-mart on story road in san jose and started beating people up. kpix joe vazquez shows us what it was like inside that store right after the crash. joe? >> reporter: allen, you can see the front entrance here all boarded up. otherwise shoppers are going about their business. i spoke to a man who tells me that, you know, it was just the same kind of normal when that man came crashing through. >> it's surreal. >> reporter: he was shopping in the pharmacy seion when he heard the noise. he took his phone out and started shooting this video. >> it was loud. i thought it was an earthquake, a lot of things went in my mind. >> reporter: no earthquake, but a car that crashed through the front window. that's not all. police say the driver, 33-year- old hamid got out and started swinging in what appeared to be a metal bar, cracking an employee over the head. they catc
of puppies rescued in the nick of time. i'm allen martin in for ken bastida. >> quinn has died two dais after someone shot him while he was driving in the oakland hills. as night, the search is on for the killers and his motive. kpix5's kristen ayers is at the crime scene. kristen. >> reporter: that's right, bower was a dublin resident. authorities announced today that he died around 4:00 today. tonight here at the scene, people are leaving behind flowers at the very spot where his car plunged down a ravine moments after he was shot. black ribbon tied outside the santa clara ambulance station, along with flowers and stuffed animals. >> he was a great guy. he was an amazing paramedic. >> black bands over badges. all in tribute to santa clara county paramedic, quinn bower. bower was offduty visiting his father in the oakland hills tuesday when someone opened fire on his in his blue honda civic. quinn stepped on the gas and the car crashed. >> not only our company, but our community and the ems community as a whole. >> the shooting happened almost two years to the day that another para
'm ken bastida. >> i'm juliette goodrich. liz has the night off. it was the last thing anyone expected. a man pulled up and started shooting, killing one and injuring two others. it happened in richmond this morning near the intersection of 28th and virginia streets. kpix5, joe vazquez has more on the attack. >> as a participant of the richmond bill of carpentry program, young was working toward success. >> we knew he was trying to do something with his life. now he ain't got one. >> around 11:00 this morning while taking an agility test for the program, a group of students went for a jog around the 300 block of south 28th. witnesses say a car sundayly stopped. a gunman got out and opened fire at point-blank range. a graduate of the high school, died instantly. gunned downright in front of his father and brother, both of whom are participants of the program. >> we heard the gun shots and the next thing you know, everybody started running back this way after the gun shot happened, i come around the corner and the young man was dead in the street. >> anna wells was among the group o
be captured next. >>> good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. >> a group of kids playing chicken when an amtrak train killed a boy. that boy was with two other teens when it happened. they were walking near the tracks across from san lorenz high school. >> they were apparently engaged in a game with chicken. >> one of the juvenile males was hit. >> they need to stay off the tracks, parents need to let their kids know. >> that train was a capital corridor heading for sacramento. >>> that same judge, is now telling the city do as you're told. >> kpix 5's reporter is here >> reporter: federal judge felton health health says, officials have been stone walling this man, thomas frazier he's the power police reformer charged with cleaning up the oakland police department. in that letter to city officials, the judge said the city shall immediately cease its misguided efforts to constrict the court's orderings. >> there were 4 dozen reforms ordered after a handful of officers were accused of beating suspects. >> the city released a statement saying they look forward to collaborati
martin. ken bastida is enroute to boston. >> boston and the rest of the country stunned by another attack on american soil. >> downtown boston is a crime scene as the fbi joins the investigation who set off the bombwhy as we say the fbi has taken charge but there is no word on a motive or who is behind the attack. >> reporter: well, we are three blocks from where these blasts took place. it is still a very active crime scene investigation. most of downtown boston is still shut down at this hour. authorities are telling us they have taken a person into custody they are quick to say this person is not a suspect, rather someone they are just questioning, which means they still don't know who is responsible or what the motive was. the first bomb went off just before 3:00 p.m. near the finish line of the boston marathon sending smoke into the air and runners and spectators to the ground. and then a second explosion went off two blocks away. medical personnel, stationed at the finish line to care for fatigued runners became battlefield medics. injured, some missing limbs, were placed into wheel
. >> and i'm ken bastida. a week of terror is finally over. tonight the second marathon bombing suspect is in custody. this photo from moments after he was captured gives us a good idea of what a messed up state he was in. police found the 19-year-old bloodied and hiding in a boat in watertown outside of boston. a tip led police to the suspect, bringing a 24 hour man hunt that locked down the city to an end. let's get right to vanita who is in watertown just outside of boston tonight. >> reporter: the 19-year-old bombing suspect is in the hospital at this hour listed in serious condition. he was apprehended after a massive five-day man hunt. a crowd cheered when they heard the suspected boston marathon bomber had been captured. minutes later, an ambulance carrying dzhozkar tsarnaev made its way out of a watertown, massachusetts, neighborhood, ending 24 hours of terror in this boston suburb. he was injured from a boat parked in a driveway. >> the citizens of the city of washington can be confident that the threat has been removed. >> the break in the case came friday evening when a ho
patients on bay area streets? good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> federal investigators think the two men were motivated by religious extremism, but not involved with any terrorist organizations. >> reporter: at 2:50 p.m., only tolling bells broke the silence as the city marked the momentxactly one week after the bombs went off. it was a moment that was shared in the white house and on capitol hill. federal law enforcement turned over control of boylston street to local authorities. the site of the bombings could be reopened to the public as soon as tuesday. it will take longer than that to heal the people that live here. >> everyone you speak to knows someone who has been touched by this. so, it keeps getting, you know, you relive it many, many times. >> boston university held a memorial service for grad student, one of the three who lost their lives in the attack. in nearby medford, family and friends of 29-year-old, krystle campbell, gathered for her funeral. we are also learning more about the 19-year-old accused of the bombings. dzhokhar tsarnaev remains in serious condition at th
into a tail spin. what the reaction says about social media and internet security. >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. investigators say he was ambushed and killed for his gun during the man hunt for the boston marathon bombers. meanwhile, we're learning more about how the bombs were built and when. kpix5's allen martin tells us the suspects started shopping months ago. >> on february 6, ten weeks before the marathon bombings, dzhokhar tsarnaev walked into the fire works store and bought two lock and load kits. contained 24 shells. investigators now are trying to determine if the brothers used the black powder from those fireworks as the explosive in the pressure cooker bombs. his name was recorded in the store's computer system at the time of the sale and megan was the clerk. >> i do remember just him asking, first him having the accent and asking for the stuff. i showed him one other product, but he stressed he wanted the biggest, loudest stuff. >> new pictures surfaced of the early morning shootout between the brothers and police in watertown, massachusett
the veteran. how this year's 49er draft party was a little different. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. rattle the chief of police. a young mother gunned down near 54th in front of her four-year- old son. kpix5's kristen ayers on what that little boy has been able to tell cops. kristen. >> reporter: authorities aren't saying exactly what he is telling them. he is aware of what happened. it's a tragic event that happened with a very young witness. >> lord have mercy. >> bishop is grieving for two people. her 21-year-old daughter, shot on this quiet street in north oakland last night. and her daughter's four-year- old son, joshua, who watched the murder happen. we are protecting his identity. >> he just kept saying mom hurt her knees. and so i mean, he was sitting right there, right behind her when this guy shot her in the head. >> pictures, joshua appear inseparable. their birthdays were in april. her family says was a good mother who worked part-time in child care and went to college. her little sister looked up to her. >> she always comfort me. she was my role
staying one step ahead of the cops. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. he has been stealing cars at every stop. and detectives tell kit doe, he has been busy lately. >> the crime spree of one of the most wanted men has gone on so long, it's hard to keep count. you are victim number 30 something. troy walked out to his car this morning on huckelberry lane, tried to steal the stereo, but damaged it instead. >> you have to wonder how many people he'll hit before they catch him. >> he's out there kind of roaming free. who knows how many more. >> santa cruz county sheriff believe storm is back at it again. after staying quiet for a week, they think he has been lurking the streets at night and possibly burglarized a half dozen vehicles since wednesday. he gets around by stealing and ditching cars. >> he is two steps ahead of us. he changes out vehicles, like we change our clothes. >> detectives say he takes random items, tossing them nearby. they thought he was a sophisticated crook, but he is more erratic than anything else. >> the challenge has been him moving ar
by the president and first lady who are due in here for an interfaith memorial. reporting live from boston, i'm ken bastida, kpix5. >> thank you. >>> it looks like a company in fremont made the battery used to make the bomb. it appears to be attached to black and red wires through a broken plastic cap. a company spokesman said he is stunned. >> horrified, appalled. appalled and shocked. these batteries are largely for cars and trucks and to see it used in such a way is horrifying. >> they say it can be purchased at almost any u.s. hobby store and also online. >>> a bay area sixth grader wounded in the attack remains in intensive care. he sustained a severe shrapnel wound to his leg. air op's family is pretty optimistic about his recovery but haven't been able to talk to him yet. >> when they moved him, he did kind of wake up identify few minutes. he knew we were in the room for a few minutes. he fluttered his eyes. we knows we're there but right now, we don't know what he saw, what he remembers, what kind of help he will need later. >> doctors could wake aaron up as soon as tomorrow. it is still un
goodrich in for liz. >> and i'm ken bastida. parents, please, no gun violence at your child's little league game. that may sound like a ridiculous request, but ann notarangelo tells us that is exactly the deal that was required to get kids back on the field tonight. >> reporter: baseball is back. the cardinals and yankees, not a moment too soon. >> we're ready to play. >> reporter: 200 little leaguers were temporarily benched last week after a noninjury shooting in the parking lot during a game, after a father and a relative got into an argument. >> i knew it would happen but just didn't think it would happen on a baseball field where little kids are playing. >> reporter: baseball is america's game. here they say it's the only game. >> they were heartbroken, you know. they want to play baseball. there's nothing out here for them really to do positive. it's the only thing. >> reporter: sports, especially baseball, is often a metaphor for life, which makes it all that much more important for the little kids to get back on the field. >> littl
wanted fugitives strikes again and again. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. cops say he's been all over the map, stealing cars at pretty much every stop. and he is now upping his game. >> reporter: the crime spree of the one of the bay area's most wanted men has gone on so long, it's hard to keep count. >> you are victim no. 30-something. >> reporter: troy walked out to his car this morning on huckleberry lane to find a thief had rifled through his glove box during the night, tried to steal the $700 stereo, but damaged it instead. >> you've got to wonder how many more people he's going to hit before they catch him. >> who knows how many more. >> reporter: they believe storm is at it again. they think he's been lurking streets of felton and boulder creek. he gets around by stealing and ditching cars. >> he's two steps ahead of us. he changes out vehicles like we would change our clothes. >> reporter: detectives say he takes random items from cars, tossing them nearby. they thought he was a sophisticated crook but now say he's more erratic and unpredictable than any
. >> i am ken bastida. >>> the gunman was intent on reaching the russian consulate in san francisco but his plan came to a screeching halt in marin county that is where joe is standing by with a story you will see only on 5. >> reporter: the crime spree ended here in green brea in front of ben & jerry's ice cream a man pull as gun on a woman, tries to carjack her but she bravely refused. >> he opened the door, and i was like hey what are you doing he pulled a gun out of his left pocket and just put it up in my face and said get over on the passenger side i said no, i don't think so buddy. he said no get over -- i said hey, buddy what do you need. >> reporter: while she did her best to keep an attempted carjacker calm she didn't know a bay area wide man hunt was under way for the gunman 30- year-old jeffrey boyce already stole a bmw station wagon. >> his mother indicated he talked about the recent bombing in boston as well as colorado and columbine. >> reporter: police believe he was on the way to the russian consulate possibly to seek asylum. cops surrounded the building. >> she did
but claim major progress. we have live team coverage starting with ken bastida in boston. we are starting to see signs of people's lives slowly returning to normal. >> reporter: yeah. that's right, allen. they are taking, you know, the developments today as good news here in boston. somewhat. the investigation is moving forward and people are feeling better about being outside. in particular, merchants have had a chance to get back to work. >> reporter: words spread quickly around copley square that something was going on a suspect in the bombing has been identifyed. >> seeing this news on the tv now means a lot to us to my customers and to my partners, you know. the whole area has just been -- yesterday you couldn't walk down here. i couldn't walk to my own restaurant. it was a crime scene. >> reporter: tony is one of the lucky ones. much of boylston street is a crime scene. at least he is back in business. he had to force his customers out when the blast hit. >> we ha
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